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These days, there are more and more places offering meditation classes. So why should you choose 4 On The Floor over someone else?

As a bloke, I understand how blokes think. There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold beer, and a perfectly cooked steak. I’m not going to be offended if you call a spade a spade. And if you tell me you’ve had one of those days where you could punch a wall, I am going to know exactly what you mean – and give you techniques to deal productively with those emotions.

Men and women were not created the same – for which I am grateful. But that also means we are not wired the same way, so what may work well for women, does not necessarily work for men. In fact, while discussing meditation with other blokes, I have heard comments from them to the effect that they are being made to feel as though they need to stop displaying masculine traits in order to become better versions of themselves. There is nothing wrong with being a male.

It wasn’t until I started working in Aged Care – a female dominated work environment – that I realised just how different male and female energy could be. And how much I missed regular exposure to male energy. Yes, I know this sounds airy-fairy, but bear with me.

Males need positive male role models to learn from, in order to form a healthy sense of self. Having a healthy sense of self helps to create a strong person, and it takes a strong person to be gentle.

I’ll help you to learn different meditation styles, giving you an array of tools to use regardless of your physical setting.

I’ll help you to reconnect with yourself, and reclaim your personal power.

I’ll suggest different scenarios that you may not have thought of as being meditative.

I’ll help you to stop being a passenger, so that you can get back in the driver’s seat and take control of your life.

Benefits of Meditation

These are just some of the many benefits of regular meditation practice.

Mens Meditation Meditation for Physical Health
Physical Health

Lower blood pressure
Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
Reduction of the body’s stress response – the “Fight or Flight” response
A return to homeostasis – the condition whereby the body is able to heal and repair damage at a cellular level
Better sleep patterns

Mens Meditation for Mental Health
Mental Health

Releases the “feel good” hormones
Has a positive effect on mood
Improves self-image
Returns a sense of control to one’s life
Increases one’s ability to deal with Life’s hurdles
Decreases anxiety and depression

Mens Meditation for Social Health
Social Health

Improves your relationship with yourself and others
Promotes a less reactive attitude towards stressors
Helps increase the sense of community
Helps you cope with uncomfortable situations
Helps restore balance to your life

Some benefits of meditation for men may not initially be as noticeable as others, while other benefits may act together to bring about further positive change in your life. For example, improved self-image coupled with increased sense of community may lead to social connections being made that enable you to take up a hobby that you have always wanted to try, but didn’t know where to start.

Meditation can also facilitate your ability to access your sub-conscious mind, where many of our limiting self-beliefs are stored. By accessing these, we are able to re-evaluate their validity, remove those that no longer serve us, and replace them with new beliefs and thought patterns that enable us to be better, more confident versions of ourselves.

For those with families, being a better version of yourself enables you to release those past parenting programs which may not have served your higher self. By releasing these negative patterns you are able to provide a positive role-model to your children, which then has a flow-on effect through their lives, helping them to deal with modern stressors more effectively.

Meditation gives you the tools to stop being a passenger so that you can get back in the driver’s seat and take control of your life.

And if all of these, more noble benefits, are not enough to convince you to try meditating, there is one more benefit – meditating can help to improve your sex life.

About Me

Back in high school in the mid-80’s, before entering my final year, I was taught several techniques for minimising stress, and increasing productivity. These included such suggestions as making lists of what needed to be done and prioritising those tasks. I was also taught how to identify places where I felt relaxed, and to imagine myself in that place, while I concentrated on my breathing without letting my mind get distracted (which is a lot easier said than done, especially as a hormone filled teenager).

That was my introduction to meditation, and I have used it on and off for many years – mainly to try and get some extra rest before an early start when I couldn’t get to sleep. As a side note, I have also dabbled with different modalities on and off over the years, which have all contributed to my life experiences, and willingness to help others.

Since high school, I have spent two years in the Army Reserve Infantry, ten years in Aviation emergency first response, seven years providing first aid and assistant coaching for my son’s rugby team, twelve years in transport, and finally three years in aged care. Basically, blokey jobs, until the last three years.

What does all of this have to do with meditating?  

There were many times, in hindsight, when I let myself get angry, and overreact to situations that were largely beyond my control. I now understand why that used to occur – I was responding from a place of fear. Likewise, there were many times when everything seemed to flow effortlessly, or I was able to remain calm during an emergency. Again, I now understand why that was – I was tuning into my inner self, although I didn’t consciously realise it, nor could I explain it, at the time.

I got to the point in my life where I knew there was a better way to live – less anger and frustration, and more patience and inner peace. It was then that I began looking for something, that would help me to get some control over what wasn’t working for me, and at the same time help me to find ways of intentionally accessing traits that were working for me. Basically, becoming a better version of myself. Completing my studies in meditation, prompted me to further my education to pass this knowledge onto others who may also be looking for the same answers.

Yes, I can still get angry, but I now recognise the signs and am able to enact strategies to deal constructively with the situation. I have also found that by being able to still my mind, I can understand why a situation was able to trigger a fear response, while at the same time finding solutions to release those patterns.

To learn more about how you can stop being a passenger, get back in the driver’s seat and take control of your life contact me.

Chris Giegerl - 4 On The Floor Mens Meditation Classes
4 On The Floor Mens Meditation Classes

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Mens Meditation Classes Sunshine Coast

Come and join us! We meet in central Sunshine Coast, but encourage men from other suburbs to travel a bit further to join in. Trust me, it’s worth it. Caloundra, Currimundi, Bokarina, Kawana, Meridan Plains, Sippy Downs, Brightwater, Palmwoods, Woombye, Nambour, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Buderim, Mountain Creek, Bli Bli, Marcoola, Mudjimba, Kuluin, Coolum, Peregian, Noosa