Terms & Conditions

Meditation, while generally non-invasive and safe, promotes the ability to access your subconscious. This may lead to blocked trauma being released. If you are currently using medication or undergoing counselling of any description, as part of a Mental Health treatment, it is strongly advised that you discuss participation in Meditation classes with your therapist, or medical professional, before enrolling in any Course. 

I understand and accept that when I purchase a Meditation Course from 4 On The Floor, this secures my place in each of the five classes for the duration of that particular Course.

In recognition of the commitment made by both myself, and 4 On The Floor, Course fees are not refundable in whole, or in part, except where classes are cancelled by 4 On The Floor, and are unable to be re-scheduled.

In the unforeseen event that I am unable to commence the Course on the nominated start date, and after consultation with 4 On The Floor, my registration may be rolled over into the next available Course, with no additional payment required.

In the event that I am unable to attend a class during the Course, I understand that I can apply to 4 On The Floor to take the class on another day of that week, provided capacity exists within that class. If I am unable to attend any of the other classes in that week, then I understand that I will still be provided with all handouts supplied for that lesson, but I may need to work through that lesson by myself.

All 4 On The Floor Introduction to Meditation Courses run for a period of five weeks – commencing at the Time and Date as listed below, and then continuing on the same day and time each week for a five week period. Each class is expected to run for between 60 and 90 minutes. Classes are limited to 10 spaces per class.

All participants will endeavour to arrive at the venue ready for the class to start at the appointed time.